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Unique Chain Making

Registration Closed
Instructor: Sarah Mann
Aug 17, 18 • 9:00 AM-4:00 PM
Workshop ID: 3D2023
Media: Metal
Skill Level: Level II - IV
Tuition: Members: $ 225.00 / Non-Members: $ 250.00
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In this workshop, focus on designing and creating a distinctive necklace or bracelet that is a dramatic departure from the average cable chain. Challenge yourself and apply fresh thinking as you create a unique chain from start to finish.


Using wire and sheet metal, design and fabricate inspired links and clasps that encourage you to consider connecting elements in a whole new way. Sarah provides individualized feedback throughout the process. Leave this experience with a new set of skills, design concepts, and a finished chain. Previous soldering experience is required for this workshop.


Sarah Mann is an accomplished professional jeweler of over 20 years. Being a maker connects her to her deep family roots of craftsmen and inventors. She brings her “go-for-it!” attitude to teaching; encouraging her students to set aside fear, intimidation, and lack of knowledge to pursue their interests. Afterall, mistakes often lead to the greatest discoveries. When not making work, Sarah gardens a lot. Her passion is native gardening, which she finds to be relaxing, meditative, and inspiring.