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Unique Chain Making

Registration Closed
Instructor: Sarah Mann
Aug 17, 18 • 9:00 AM-4:00 PM
Workshop ID: 3D2023
Media: Metal
Skill Level: Level II - IV
Tuition: Members: $ 225.00 / Non-Members: $ 250.00
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In this workshop, focus on designing and creating a distinctive necklace or bracelet that is a dramatic departure from the average cable chain. Challenge yourself and apply fresh thinking as you create a unique chain from start to finish.


Using wire and sheet metal, design and fabricate inspired links and clasps that encourage you to consider connecting elements in a whole new way. Sarah provides individualized feedback throughout the process. Leave this experience with a new set of skills, design concepts, and a finished chain. Previous soldering experience is required for this workshop.


Sarah Mann is a professional jeweler of over 20 years. She studied jewelry design under Heikki Seppa at Washington University in St. Louis and at the Fuji Studio in Florence. Her work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions and is represented in galleries across the country. Sarah currently lives and works in Milwaukee, where she creates stunning sterling silver jewelry.