Art and Optics: Using Optical Devices to Create Paintings and DrawingsRegistration Closed

Instructor: Kyle McKenzie

Jul 19, 20 • 9:00 AM-4:00 PM
Media: Any Painting Media, None
Skill Level: All Levels
Tuition: Members: $ 225.00 / Non-Members: $ 250.00


Dating back to the early 17th century, optical devices have been used by artists as drawing aids. In this workshop you will explore the camera lucida, camera obscura, prism, and projector through the lens that these devices are possible tools and not replacements for skill development.


The workshop will begin with an overview of the history of optical devices, their opportunities and limitations in art making, and experimental possibilities within contemporary art for representational and abstract applications. With Kyle as your guide, you will discuss and investigate the many possibilities as a group. The second day will be dedicated to using the optical devices to make artworks in the drawing or painting media of your choice. Leave this workshop with a new tool for further exploration in your home studio.


Kyle McKenzie is a painter from Joplin, MO. His paintings employ subtleties of light and color to explore mundane subjects, and feature carefully-crafted surfaces and highly-intentional color relationships. He holds an MFA in Painting from the University of Arkansas and an MA fro Pittsburg State University. Kyle is an Assistant Professor of Art at Missouri Southern State University, where he has taught various courses in painting, color theory, art theory, and professional practices since 2010.

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