Using Gouache Color Studies to Improve Your Paintings

Instructor: Kyle McKenzie

Jul 22, 23, 24 • 9:00 AM-4:00 PM
Media: Any Painting Media, None
Skill Level: Level II - III
Tuition: Members: $ 340.00 / Non-Members: $ 370.00


Designed for experienced painters, this workshop will focus on the preliminary planning stages of the painting process. Using gouache, a quick-drying, opaque medium, create color and composition studies to proceed with more confidence and, ultimately, strengthen your final paintings.


Demonstrations and discussions will provide you with an overview of the medium and its unique characteristics, while hands-on lessons in color interaction will help you look at your existing and future work with a more analytical eye. Working from photo references, you will create multiple color and value studies for a single composition and complete studies with flat patches of color to explore abstract structural concepts without worrying about the details. Discover how this process allows you to explore several options relatively quickly. Individual and group critiques throughout the three days will provide you with plenty of feedback.


Kyle McKenzie is a painter from Joplin, MO. His paintings employ subtleties of light and color to explore mundane subjects, and feature carefully-crafted surfaces and highly-intentional color relationships. He holds an MFA in Painting from the University of Arkansas and an MA fro Pittsburg State University. Kyle is an Assistant Professor of Art at Missouri Southern State University, where he has taught various courses in painting, color theory, art theory, and professional practices since 2010.

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